About Reea Pawley

I was the child who noticed everything, constantly asked 'why' and pointed out the pink elephant in the middle of the room.  Coming from a family that was more comfortable with denial and let's pretend than the truth, I did not fit in well.  I was the scapegoat child.  I was also the middle child and oldest girl and my mother was one of the few women in the 60's who worked full-time.  I could and was required to cook, clean and take care of my dad and siblings from the age of 8 or 9. It wasn't uncommon in those years but it wasn't great either. Many mothers were full-time homemakers and latch key kids were still a generation into the future.  I was a very depressed and unhappy child.  I grew up in the familial hell of alcoholism and mental illness...of course nobody talked about it then, so to me, it was just normal.

I hatched a plan to escape at 17 even though I was unbelievably naive about the ways of the world, by pleading an interest in becoming a nurse, something I didn't actually feel but knew instinctively was a way out.  I went to Sydney alone and never returned home again except for short stays and even shorter fantasies of the kind of nurturing, attention and acceptance I craved but never received.   

I spent my young adult life trying to please men to get the love I craved but that didn't work out well since the only love I was familiar with was the narcicisstic and self-absorbed kind of the alcoholic or mentally ill, who could publicly fool the world into believing they were normal while in private their demons ruled. As I look back now I find it bizarre the lengths I went to... starving, perfecting, pruning and shaping myself, paying for everything and working my butt off so I could be loved.   From this part of my journey, I emerged with 3 beautiful children I am proud of and a fierce strength that belied my empathic sensitivity and emotional nature.

I was not good at staying in shitty relationships.  I would escape with my children, make a new life, and sigh with the relief of reprieve from the alcoholic abuse, anger, madness, control and moodiness of my partners.  I was physically abused by more than one partner and bashed while I was pregnant on my 23rd birthday by my husband at the time. I was never a wilting violet but I was a 'good girl' and my family's response to such physical abuse was to demand to know what I had done to deserve a beating.  After one such beating my mother told me at the tender age of 23 that my life was over now and I had to think of my children, that I had made my bed and had to lay in it.  Probably no surprise that I spiraled into a depression that resulted in a suicide attempt.

I was good at working and keeping the wheels of life turning for myself and my children, I'd learnt that lesson well and there is much to be said for the ability to keep putting one foot in front of the other and getting the next meal on the table.  This is why women are such great survivors and outlive men consistently. Women stay busy, putting others needs before their own, taking care of homes in the same simple ways that women have done for generations.

My early career was spent working in health, beauty, education and employment.  Divorced at 23 with two small children to support, I worked my way through University, studying psychology and humanities and eventually found my way into the education system, not because I wanted to but because teaching paid well, had long holidays and short working hours and I could be there for my kids.  I hated most of it and frequently cried on the way to work knowing that 8Z would make mince meat out of me but I spent more than 23 years as a teacher and Careers Adviser.   

Then a series of synchronistic and tortuously painful relationship challenges with a Soul Mate and the love of my life, who sadly later committed suicide, guided me to become a Life Coach and Hypnotherapist. In the school of hard knocks my wisdom and skills developed, as did my passion for helping others change their lives.   Having dragged myself out of the pity pit at the bottom of the pond, I became focused on helping others do the same.  Working one on one with  clients, I developed my latent intuitive abilities,  inherited from a long line of very gutsy, strong women.   My mother and her sisters were psychic, they had premonitions, precognitive dreams, saw dead people and 'just knew' things. None of them gave psychic readings or earned money from their skills but I've no doubt they could have.  I thought this skill had passed me by until  I began to baffle my clients by knowing things about them they hadn't yet revealed to me.  I began to get a tapping in my right ear when I was meditating and asking for answers and then an energy coming into the right side of my head and shoulders.   The proof was the wonderfully wise information that came through me about my clients. Eventually I began to consciously tune into what I like to call Infinite Intelligence and my Guide Goddess Ma'at and I am able to use this knowing in my work.

For a long time I became obsessed about Psychology, Philosophy, Enlightenment, Consciousness and Awakening and devoured every book I could find on metaphysics, quantum science, healing, meditation, channeling, spirituality and the occult.  I am by nature a cerebral type, a thinker with a thirst for knowledge. I was being Guided to study what I needed to know to to fulfill my life purpose.

Clients started reporting almost miraculous feelings of relief and healing from our sessions together.  Often I would only be talking with clients and they would experience a new way of seeing themselves and their challenges that had been absent from their sessions with previous talk therapists.  I am a humble person and like a lot of Aussies don't like to big note myself so this kind of response from my clients was as big a shock to me as it was to them and an experience I have always felt uncomfortable talking about. But if you're good at doing something, if you have a special gift, it comes with a duty and destiny to use it for the highest good.  And apart from that, I am compelled in a way I also find difficult to explain, to do what I do.

In the past 15 years I have supported women to change their lives......... from ditching bad habits, to shedding personal stories of limitation, healing anxiety and depression, transforming their relationships and seeing their place in the world from a whole new perspective. Very few people see themselves clearly and one of my gifts is to mirror to my clients their own personal unique power and grace.  

We are all a constantly changing work of Art, I don't believe we ever get to the end of our capacity to grow and expand in this lifetime.  We are a part of the Universe, which is in itself constantly growing and expanding and as we fulfill our destiny to reach for our highest potential we fulfill the destiny of Mother Gaia and the entire Cosmos.  In our own special way, in our own little lives we contribute to All-That-Is and that's the difference we came here to make, that will enable the Awakening of Global Conscious and our entry into the time of The Golden Age.  Our job is to heal ourselves, to do our own inner work, to help heal the World one Soul at a time.

Reea's Professional Qualifications

Bachelor of Arts Degree University of Newcastle

Diploma in Education University of Newcastle

Diploma in Psychotherapy

Diploma Applied Clinical Hypnotherapy 

Graduate Certificate Careers Counselling RMIT

Master Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) 

Certified Gottman Relationship Therapist

Past Life Regression Therapy (Michael Newton Institute)

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (Dolores Cannon)

Advanced Psych-K Therapist

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)