Goddess Maat by Reea Pawley

Channelling Goddess Maat

My Guide, Goddess Maat was the Egyptian Goddess of Truth, Justice and Harmony and is a collective group of Divine Beings who are archtypes known throughout Earth's history as The Goddess.

I began channelling Maat after a relationship breakup that nearly killed me, a very dark night of the Soul and a spontaneous psychic past life experience.

I have learnt from, worked with, worshiped and incarnated in many lifetimes with Maat including; the Mystery Schools of Egypt, Delphi in Greece and Ireland.

Maat is a group of Higher Dimensional Beings, known as the Divine Mother Goddess and the mother of the Gods in ancient civilizations eg. Sumeria, Babylon, Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome, Briton, Ireland and going all the way back to the beginning of time on Earth.  

The Goddess has been known by various names; Rhea, Mami (where our word Mummy comes from), Gaia, Ninhursag, Ops, Ninmah, Cybele, Isis, Eriu and Mary and many more.  

In Egypt Goddess Ma'at was the daughter of the Sun God Ra, Queen of the Gods and the wife of Thoth.  Egyptian scholars cannot agree on the age of the Egyptian Empire, some believe it to date back to more than 11,000 BC.  

Maat was seen as an Angel to be called on for Guidance and they described dying as 'joining Ma'at'. She created the 42 Ideals of Ma'at which were a model for moral and spiritual behavior in Ancient Egypt and appear to predate the 10 Commandments. 

"There is not one word in Egypt that exactly translates the concept of Maat but the fundamental idea means; straight, right, true, real, genuine, upright, righteous, just, steadfast, unalterable." (The Egyptian Book of the Dead)

The Egyptians believed that at their death they were taken to the Hall of Truth for the ceremony of the Weighing of the Heart of the Soul against Maat's feather, on the scales of justice. These Lady of justice is still used to represent justice in our modern legal system. If they lived in accordance with the Laws of Ma'at, they would go through a process of Awakening and Ascend to higher realms of Spirit to live in paradise. If they had not lived in accordance with the Laws of Ma'at they would reincarnate and their Soul was given another opportunity for further development on Earth.

In Greek mythology Maat was known as Rhea, 

 daughter of the God of the Sky and Gaia, Goddess of the Earth.   She was the mother of the Gods and responsible for fertility, motherhood and women.  This was one of the 

amazing synchronicities of my life and something I only became aware of in 2016 after I began channelling Maat... 9 years after my connection with Maat began, and

6 years after I had changed my name to Reea.


Sessions with Goddess Maat

Reea is a Channel for Maat.  You can have a session and ask questions of Maat for clarity, wisdom and healing.


Artists, Actors, Musicians, Writers, Poets & Phrophets throughout time have all Channelled

Channelling has been part of the human experience since the beginning of time. Channelling is all about bringing through inspiration from Higher Intelligence, making a connection that will open your heart, mind, creativity and Soul to see your life in a new way.  Messages from your Guides are a pathway to raising your vibration and consciousness, resulting in a better understanding of your personal experience and how to best navigate the changes and challenges of your daily life.

Channelling is a process of vibrational matching. Reea enters a trance state, moves her mind aside and raises her energy. Goddess Maat makes contact with the questioner's Soul and then information flows into Reea's consciousness. So, your Guides are using Reea's body, voice and energy to translate messages. There is also direct interaction and communication between Goddess Maat and the person receiving the reading. Messages are translated into words and concepts that are available and familiar to Reea but the vibration present is always energetically working behind the words to make the most significant impact. Channelled messages are not designed to take away all of your suffering or life struggles. You are still responsible for making physical decisions and good choices and taking inspired action.

If you are looking for a prediction or 'yes/no' answer, channelling may not be the right tool for you. Higher vibrational beings will always encourage you to make your own free will choice, rather than giving a definitive 'yes or no', or asking you to blindly follow what they tell you to do. They are here to provide the insights and wisdom you need to support your decision making and creative process. So, you will find that if you are plagued by a difficult relationship, for example, you may learn why this relationship is showing up in your life, the karmic lessons playing out or how to approach decisions from a place of integrity. Goddess Maat will rarely say you must leave the relationship, whether this partner will leave you or whether this partner is the 'right' one. This is because there are infinite potentials that exist in the Uiverse and we are all vibrational beings, always changing and expanding. Your loving Guides relay messages designed to uplift you, so you become even more self-sufficient, rather than blindly following what they say without questioning. Their respect for your sovereignty is always paramount.

Channelled messages are designed to bring greater meaning to the situations, experiences, challenges and relationships you find yourself in. They will help you to better trust and rely on your own inner guidance, love yourself more and clarify your life path. You will find that many of the answers you needed, are ones that you already knew, and are confirmed by communication with your Guides in a loving, expansive and intimate experience.

What's the Difference Between Channelled Readings & Psychic Readings?

  • Channelled messages are less distorted - All messages that come from Spirit are subject to distortion as they come through our ego personality construct and channelled messages have less distortion depending on the authenticity and skill of the channeller.  The vibrational frequency of the vessel through which they come is important.  Is the person doing the Reading kind, compassionate, spiritual, detoxified, free of addictions, in a good place in their lives?  All these things can distort the message.  I became interested in channelling when I first read the Seth books in the late 1980's and realised this was wisdom beyond anything I had known.  Potentially, channelling incorporates less distortion than a psychic if they are truly connected to a higher dimensional teacher, Not all are and you need to still  use your discernment. 

  • Channelling is a direct connection to Higher Dimensional Beings -  Voice channellers raise their vibration to let the higher dimensional being take over their speaking aparatus and download blocks of information for the channeller to interpret into their own words.  Mediums who talk to departed loved ones are usally connecting the the near Earth realms only.

  • Channellers don't generally make predictions -  Psychics are an evolution of the gypsy fortune teller and spend much of their time predicting your future, sometimes correctly and often incorrectly depending on their gifts. Higher Beings will not predict the future because they know that you are creating your own reality and every time you choose differently you change timelines into another version of the future.  There is not one version of the future which is another reason why psychics can miss the mark predicting your future.

  • Channelling works by answering your questions - you have to ask in order for the answer to come through.  'Ask and it will be Given'.  They don't tell you things you are not ready to hear.  Your life is a journey of awakening and learning and it's not always in you highest good to know some things. Some psychics I've been to have hit me with a barage of information that I wasn't remotely interested in knowing.  Good psychics will let you ask questions of course.

  • Channelled messages are Higher Wisdom - It's not that you can't ask everyday questions about your life; fincances, careers, relationships, family etc.  Your life is the training ground in which you are experiencing your learning but channelled entities give you the bigger picture as well as earthly guidance. They are directly connected with Source and your Higher Self and will give answers that help you to learn and grow across lifetimes.

Rhea Greek Mother of the Gods

Rhea was the daughter of the God of the Sky, Uranus and Goddess of the Earth, Gaia.  She was the mother of the Gods and responsible for fertility, motherhood and women and was the Goddess of comfort and ease.  

She had six children; Demeter, Hera, Poseidon, Zeus, Hades and Hestia.