The Goddess Ma'at

My Guide, Maat, was the Egyptian Goddess of Truth, Justice and Harmony. Like all the Ancient Gods and Goddesses, Ma'at is extra-dimensional and incarnated on Earth only a few times.

Maat was known as the mother of the Gods and she appears in many Ancient Civilizations such as Sumeria, Babylon and Mesopotamia which could predate Egypt by more than 500,000 years.  She was known by various names such as Rhea, Mami (where our word Mummy comes from), Ninhursag, Ops and Ninmah and Isis.  

I began to connect with Maat after a relationship breakup that nearly killed me, a very dark night of the Soul and a spontaneous past life experience because of previous connections we have had in Egypt and France. 

In Greek mythology Maat's Essence was known by the name Rhea, one of the amazing synchronicities of Life and something I only became aware of recently!  Rhea was the daughter of Uranus (God of the Sky) and Gaia (Goddess of the Earth).   She was the mother of Zeus and responsible for fertility, motherhood and women. Rhea means ease and flow in Greek.

In Egyptian mythology, Goddess Ma'at was the daughter of the Sun God Ra, consort to Thoth (Hermes in Greece) and mother of the Gods. At the moment Ra spoke the world into creation Ma'at was born. Egyptian scholars cannot agree on the age of the Egyptian Empire, some believe it to date back to more than 11,000 BC. 


In Egypt Maat was seen as an Angel to be called on for Guidance and they described dying as 'joining Ma'at'. She created the 42 Ideals of Ma'at which were a model for moral and spiritual behavior in Ancient Egypt and appear to predate the 10 Commandments. She was the personification of righteousness, truth and justice and represented that which was moral, balanced, steadfast, genuine, honest, upright and unalterable Divine Wisdom.  

The Egyptians believed that at their death they were taken to the Hall of Truth for the ceremony of the Weighing of the Heart of the Soul by Osiris against Ma'at's feather,  on the scales of justice. If they lived in accordance with the Laws of Ma'at, they would go through a process of Awakening and Ascend to higher realms of Spirit to live in paradise. If they had not lived in accordance with the Laws of Ma'at they would reincarnate and their Soul was given another opportunity for further development on Earth or their heart was eaten by The Devourer.

Sessions with Maat

Reea is a Channel for Maat.  You can have a session and ask questions of Maat for clarity, wisdom and healing.