Managing & Healing Anxiety



It is vital for you to understand why you are anxious, what started it and how you are contributing to your feelings of anxiety.  Personal insight & processing through psychotherapy is an important part of transformation. You and you alone, hold the key to the user manual of your consciousness

Life Coaching


Life Coaching will give you new tools and strategies to manage your anxiety and your responses to your daily life.  It helps you to see yourself from a fresh perspective and gives you the confidence, support & motivation you need to heal



Hypnotic Regression will take you back to past events to heal and transform & never have to feel the pain of them again. Hypnotherapy is wonderful for those who have experienced abuse or PTSD.  Hypnotic Mind Reprogramming lays down new powerful responses and beliefs



Emotional Freedom Technique is based on the ancient healing of acupuncture and involves tapping on energy meridian points.  It heals past events and trauma and is a  wonderful resource to calm your anxiety wherever you go



Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing is a way of re-regulating your emotions by balancing both hemispheres of your brain to heal traumatic past experiences and calm yourself in the moment.



Meditation has a long history of calming and balancing disturbing thoughts and emotions.  Most people with anxiety find it difficult if not impossible to meditate.  With support everyone can learn to make use of their timeless capacity to self-heal

What Causes Anxiety?

Understanding the underlying causes of your anxiety and setting aside the theory that it is a disease over which you have no control is an important step towards healing

What Can I do About My Anxiety?

Anxiety can be managed to lessen its hold on your life.  Learn to deal with your triggers and calm panic attacks.

Free Book 'Get Back Your Mojo 11 Strategies to Beat Anxiety'

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Emotional Freedom Technique to Manage and Heal Your Anxiety

This is a great self-help therapy you can learn to use in minutes and take with you everywhere you go to manage your anxiety in the moment.  Using this technique you can become your own therapist