Did you know that more than 15 million prescriptions for anti-depressants are dispensed in Australia every year?

That’s a lot of unhappy people

My work is helping people to heal their emotions, change unhealthy habits, release old trauma, create a better life and find happiness, peace and success.

There are many ways of doing this, my expertise is in:-

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Intuitive Life Coaching
  • Holistic Counselling
  • Past Life Regression

Together we will plan a way forward and I will work with you and do whatever it takes for you to get the results you need


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I’ve been in personal development for more than 11 years helping people to find peace, happiness, success and fulfillment… to heal negative beliefs and limitations that stop them from reaching their true potential.

I’m qualified in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Counselling and I’m an Intuitive Empath with direct connection to Infinite Intelligence and wise solutions to every day life challenges… but more than that, the university of life has taught me a lot about healing and transforming your personal reality.

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Successful Stories!

I just wanted to get in touch to say thank you again, I really have been noticing a massive change in my confidence and ability to control myself in stressful situations since I saw you last.* *Results may vary from person to person
I find it very easy to talk with Reea. I felt comfortable with her from our very first session. She is supportive, caring and has a good sense of humour - she helps you to see life as it should be. Reea also tells it like she sees it! She will challenge your beliefs so you can let go of what's no longer serving you and start living the life you were born to live.* *Results may vary from person to person
This was an amazing experience for me! I'm so grateful for everything. I truely feel healed from a deep level! There aren't words to describe how effective the QHHT is. I'm going to be growing from this for weeks to come. Reea is amazing and I would recommend her services to anyone. An absolute Angel to work with.* *Results may vary from person to person
Reea is the life coach that shines light on all of you hidden potential and helps detach from all the negative anchors that society seems to condition each and everyone of us. More than that though, Reea has an uncanny natural ability to understand you on a personal level than it usually takes close friends year to achieve. I can honestly say that Reea is one of the few people in the world who literally has the gift of being able to help the world over.* *Results may vary from person to person

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