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Sometimes you just need the right Guidance. I'd love to be that source of Wisdom for you 

Reea Pawley Intuitive Emath

Reea has been in the helping biz all her life.  Some are born to nurture, teach, uplift and problem solve.  She just can't help herself.  Reea is fascinated by people's stories, human behaviour, metaphysics and consciousness, a passion that led her to study psychology, counselling, careers counselling, psychotherapy, life coaching, relationship coaching, clinical hypnotherapy, EFT, EMDR and any other behavioural and emotional transformational tool she could find. Empowering women to find peace and wisdom with strong minds, resilient emotions, a clear path forward and solutions to every day life situations comes naturally.  Reea is a highly qualified professional and the survivor of  tough life of narcissistic abuse, domestic violence, a family history of mental illness and addictions.  She walks her talk because she honed her knowledge and skills in the school of hard knocks. Only someone who has walked the path before you, can truly understand your journey and show you the way forwar

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Soul Guidance


 As Reea tunes into your unique vibration and connects to Infinite Intelligence & her Guide Goddess Ma'at, you will experience the wonderful feeling of 'being fully seen, heard and understood'. Have all your questions answered and receive Guidance on a range of Life, Love & Relationship issues.    

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Life Coaching


Work with Reea in a personalized Intuitive Empowerment Coaching Program to turn your deepest, most personal Dreams into your reality, achieve your goals, heal your past, let go of limiting beliefs, patterns and emotions, fulfill your potential and transform your life in new powerful ways.

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Personal healing and transformation  that may include talk therapy or any of the other healing modalities in which Reea is trained; Counselling, EFT, EMDR, CBT, NLP, Narrative Therapy, Gestalt. You can work on; anxiety, depression, anger, CPTSD, childhood trauma, relationships, parenting, separation & divorce, grief & loss, life transitions, narcissistic abuse and more.

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Past Life Regression


Journey into your past or future for Healing or just the Adventure. Discover the karmic connections in your relationships.  Heal trauma from other lifetimes.  Connnect to your own Higher Guidance, to lloved ones who have transitioned, to Gifts from other lifetimes.  Discover the purpose of your Life.

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Meditate & Relax


Reea will personally teach you how to access your own self-hypnotic and meditative states. Use the latest biofeedback technology, The Muse, that measures your level of trance and facilitates deeper states of meditation for relaxation, healing, stress relief, insomnia, concentration

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Access the power of your mind in deep trance for Clinical & Spiritual Hypnotherapy. Heal: childhood trauma, physical, emotional and psychological abuse, CPTSD, change self-defeating behaviours, gain self-confidence, relieve stress, let go of limiting beliefs, reconnect with parts of yourself you've lost, let go of old relationships, heal negative emotions; anger, anxiety, depression, weight loss,

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