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Reea Pawley Intuitive Em

About Reea

Reea has been in the helping biz all her life.  Some are born to nurture, teach, uplift and problem solve.  Reea just can't help herself.  Reea is fascinated by people's stories, human behaviour and consciousness, a passion that led her to study psychology, hypnotherapy, counselling and any other behavioural and emotional change agent that she could find. Supporting others to find peace of mind, a clear path forward, solutions to every day life situations and achieve their goals comes naturally.  Reea is an Intuitive Empath, qualified Life Coach and Therapist and the survivor of  tough life of abuse, domestic violence, a family history of mental illness and addictions.  She walks her talk because she honed her knowledge and skills in the school of hard knocks. Only someone who has walked the path before you can truly show you the way.

Soul Psychic Readings

Reea tunes into your unique interdimensional vibrational frequency and connects to the Source of Infinite Intelligence to bring through messages and guidance that are personal and life enhancing.  Understand your challenges and relationships from a higher perspective.   Receive everyday guidance for everyday situations. You can have your Psychic Soul Reading by email, skype, messanger or in person with Reea in Salamander Bay, NSW.

Intuitive Life Coaching

Are you stuck making the same mistakes over and over again, living a life your're not really happy with, bored with your job, suffering with anxiety, treading water and not getting anywhere or driving yourself crazy trying to please everyone and failing?... maybe it's time to get some direction..

You can work with Reea in personal, high impact weekly sessions for 3 months to set intentions, focus your energy, find out where you're going wrong and make a fresh start...

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