Life is complicated, challenging and sometimes heart-breaking and we all need Guidance. There is a Source of Wisdom in the Universe available to us all.  

Work with Reea

Psychic Guidance


 As Reea tunes into your unique frequency and connects to her Guide Maat, you will experience the wonderful feeling of 'being fully seen, heard and understood'. Have all your questions answered and receive Guidance on Life Mastery, Career, Love & Relationships and more.   

Life Coaching


Work with Reea in a personalized Intuitive Coaching Program to turn your deepest, most personal Dreams into your reality, achieve your goals, heal your past, let go of limiting beliefs, patterns and emotions, fulfill your potential and transform your life in new powerful ways.

Psycho therapy


Personal healing and psychotherapy that may include counselling, EFT, EMDR, hypnotherapy, NLP or any of the other healing modalities in which Reea is trained. Specialising in; anxiety, depression, anger, CPTSD, childhood trauma, relationships, parenting, separation & divorce, grief & loss, life transitions, narcissistic abuse and more.

Manifesting Your Dreams

Everyone is always asking me "Where's my stuff!".  The 'You Create Your Own Reality" message is out there but few people seem to understand what their part is in the Law of Attraction and Manifestation.  Here I discuss some of the things that may be blocking your stuff from coming.