Intuitive Empowerment Coaching Programs

Imagine having your own personal Coach to motivate, support and inspire you every step of the way.  You know those goals you keep setting for yourself that you start full of determination and happens.  When you have your very own coach you are 80% more likely to succeed!

You can work with Reea in a personalized Intuitive Empowerment Coaching Program to turn your deepest, most personal Dreams into your reality, achieve your goals, heal your past, present and future self, let go of limiting beliefs and emotions and fulfil your potential.

Become one of the select number of women Reea works with personally to inspire, motivate, challenge and support so there is no chance of her not being there for you at a critical moment when you most need that support to get you over a hurdle or challenge. You get to decide the direction of your Empowerment Coaching and spend weekly or fortnightly sessions moving intentionally towards your goals with all the support you need.

What is Intuitive Empowerment Coaching?

Life Coaching with a difference!  Reea is a Intuitive Empath who has professional qualifications in Teaching, Careers, Coaching & Psychotherapy as well as a natural ability to read people and discern truth.  She can connect to Infinite Intelligence for greater guidance, she'll know when you are fooling yourself and making excuses. Reea quickly gets right to the heart of what is holding you back or blocking you from achieving your dreams.  

Coaching For...


  • Achieving a Goal
  • Life Transitions
  • Careers
  • Dating & Relationships
  • Overcome a limiting pattern of behaviour
  • Transform limiting beliefs
  • Enhance Self-Confidence
  • Learn new Social skills
  • Fulfil your potential
  • Get Support for Health & weightloss

What Can Intuitive Empowerment Coaching Do For You?

  • Transform & Heal yourself and become the new updated version of yourself
  • Regular one on one sessions to keep you accountable, motivated and focused
  • Get crystal clear about what you want and how to get there
  • Learn how to bring Balance, Peace and Harmony to your Mind and Emotions
  • Learn how to access high levels of clarity and creative energy to manifest your desires
  • Uncover the hidden challenges and limitations you've been carrying around and transform them
  • Learn healthy Tools and Strategies to turn any future challenge around
  • Leave our sessions renewed, energised, motivated and inspired


Why Commit to a Coaching Program?


  • Your committment to yourself to have weekly or fortnightly Coaching sessions will be an important factor in your success 
  • Your Program is designed uniquely for you with support materials, tools and strategies
  • You have continuity to ensure you are moving forward with support to keep you focused, motivated and accountable
  • You have access to Reea by phone and email between sessions
  • Sessions are longer than the standard theraputic hour when necessary
  • You get an additional month of email or phone support on completion of your program to sustain newfound awareness, inspiration and purpose 

Intuitive Coaching Programs

Inspire Program

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

6 sessions to lay the foundations of healthier mind, emotions, body and spirit.  Practice new tools & strategies until they transform old habits and become who you are. Sessions can be weekly or fortnightly. The length of each session depends on the work and are generally 60-90 minutes


Intuitive Coaching Programs

Enliven Program

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

13 sessions to dive deeper into understanding yourself and what you need. Practice new tools & strategies until they transform old habits and become who you are. Sessions are weekly,  no exceptions. The length of each session depends on the work and are generally 60-90 minutes