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Psychic Reading for Ruth

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What is Awakening?

We came here to be part of an amazing time, The Age of Aquarius when Planet Earth would shift her consciousness to 5th dimensional energy and take those of us who hear her call and are ready with her.  These are exciting times we live in, never before experienced on Earth.  Are you ready? 

Transform Your Anxiety with EFT

In this video Reea shows your how to use this wonderful self-help therapy, EFT,  as a tool to reduce anxiety or any negative emotion in the moment. When you work with Reea as a Life Coach she may use this amazing therapy

Why Are You Still Single??

Reea discusses being single and some reasons you may not have considerd before


Reea discusses Synchronicity in her life.

Free Psyching Readings

Check out Reea doing free mini psychic readings live on Facebook

About Reea's Psychic Gifts and Channeling Goddess Ma'at

Reea talks to Channeler Rob Gauthier, who channels Treb,  about her psychic gifts, channeling Goddess Ma'at and her Egyptian lifetimes.