Spiritual & Holistic Counselling

Sometimes we all need someone to talk to who can help us navigate through tough times.  Reea is a professionally trained in counselling in Salamander Bay who has a holistic perspective and is a spiritual teacher.  She has a wealth of knowledge and experience.  She is professional accredited and trained in counselling, careers counselling and life coaching.  She also studied at the school of hard knocks, has been the victim of a dysfunctional family, domestic violence and understands what it means to have to live with loved ones who have severe mental illnesses and addictions.    There is not story you could tell Reea that she hasn't heard before, you can't shock her.  

Reea has been in the psychotherapy field for more than 15 years, is a great listener as well as being wise and compassionate.

Reea specializes in counselling in Salamander Bay for;

Domestic Violence

Life Transitions


Coping with Narcissism, Personality Disorders and Bi-polar

Grief and Loss




  • 1 Hour Counselling Session $60
  • 3 Counselling Sessions $160
  • 6 Counselling Sessions $300

You can have your Counselling Session at Salamander Bay, online with Messenger or Skype video or by phone

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The relationship you have with your Counsellor is the most important aspect of your counselling journey.  Reea is wise, compassionate and down to earth and will tell you the truth in a respectful and gentle way.  You can chat with Reea before you book your first appointment to have all your questions answered.

What's the Difference Between Counselling and Life Coaching?

Counselling is a very different experience from Life Coaching.  Counselling is  form of compassionate listening where your cousellor gently leads you to resolve your own issues and gain clarity as you talk.   Counselling may be necessary to deal with a chaotic life experience, to help us manage our emotions and find a way forward.  Many women think while they talk and it's only in speaking the words that we come to understand ourselves and the motivations behind what we do.  We problem solve for ourselves as we talk.  In counselling you will do most of the talking.  

Life Coaching is not done in one off sessions as counselling sometimes is.  Life Coaching is usually done in 3, 6 or 12 month programs and is about defining a goal and being mentored, inspired and motivated to take the necessary steps to achieve that goal.  Your Coach will help  to uncover the reasons why you haven't achieved the goal on your own and to transform limiting beliefs and behaviours that prevent you from achieving that goal.  In Life Coaching your Coach may do most of the talking as they are teaching and mentoring you.  They will also tell you where you are going wrong and give you tools and strategies to achieve the outcomes you have set for yourself.  Life Coaching typically includes tasks for you to do between session.

Spiritual & Holistic Counselling in Salamander Bay

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