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A 1 hour Psychic Reading with Reea at Salamander Bay or on Skype/Messenger video.  Reea will tune into your  unique vibration and you will experience the wonderful feeling of 'being seen, heard and understood' and have all your questions answered.  You will also receive an Energy Healing.   

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Soul Guidance


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A 30 minute online Psychic Reading with Reea on Skype or Messenger. Reea will tune into your unique vibration and you will experience the wonderful feeling of 'being seen, heard and understood' and have all your questions answered.  You will also receive an Energy Healing.   

30 minute Readings are only available online, not in person. Please pay for your Reading now then fill in the contact form and Reea will be in touch with you within 24 hours to arrange an appointment 


Love & Relationship Guidance


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In this Email Reading Reea will focus on Love, relationship and dating Guidance.  She will tune into the vibrational match and potential of your relationship and possible challenges you might face. Whether your issue is trust, infidelity, affairs, getting back together, breaking up, loveless relationships, soul mates, step-children or dating Reea can shed light on what' really going on. 

Reea needs to read both of your photos, so make sure the photos clearly show the eyes and you have given the names of everyone in the photos. 

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Soul Guidance Email


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A one question Email Psychic Reading. Reea will tune into your personal Transmission and answer your question.  To do this she needs your photo. You will also receive a free Energy Healing. 

Make sure your photo clearly shows your eyes. Send your question and photo to: 

About Your Soul Guidance Session

As Reea tunes into your unique vibration,  you will experience the wonderful feeling of 'being seen, heard and understood' and experience an energy download.    Reea's special gift is to mirror your own unique power and grace.  This is not a Reading for entertainment, it's the real deal. 

Reea is a Psychic Empath, Clairvoyant and Channel.  She connects with Your Soul and her Guide, Goddess Ma'at, to bring through Guidance on your current situation, barriers, blockages and challenges.  She will illuminate the path forward that is for your highest good and read the potentials and probabilities of the future you are creating given the current choices you are making and the state of your energy and will help you create the reality your desire. 

Reea is not your average New Age psychic. She is University educated in Psychology, Psychotherapy and the Arts and has a life-time of experience in the corporate and education sectors. She is a survivor of the University of Life with a history of childhood trauma, single parenting, narcissistic abusive relationships, domestic violence and caring for loved ones suffering from mental illness and alcoholism.

She has spent many lifetimes as a Spirit Guide in Higher realms, is an old Soul and is on Earth to be of service in the Awakening of Consciousness. She brings wisdom, humor, deep insight and a grounded and down to earth approach to her work. 

Reea is a qualified Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life and Relationship Coach and Past Life Regression Therapist.

She is available by:
Email, Skype, Messenger or Face to Face in Salamander Bay, NSW, Australia

Please Note: Reea's Sessions are not for the purpose of entertainment, she is not a gypsy fortune teller, a Medium that talks to your departed loved ones or a medical intuitive. Your Session will be all about you, your relationships, your career, your lessons, your challenges and your spiritual journey.

Reea's Areas of Expertise

  • Love & Relationships 
  • Careers
  • Parenting
  • Narcissistic Abuse
  • Childhood Trauma & Abuse & CPTSD
  • Dysfunctional families
  • Law of Attraction 
  • Past Lives

Learn More About Reea

Reea's Guide The Goddess Ma'at


My Guide is the Goddess Ma'at, the Egyptian Goddess of Truth, Justice and Harmony.  I began to connect with Ma'at after a relationship breakup that nearly killed me, a very dark night of the Soul and a spontaneous past life experience.  At first she came as a tapping sound in my right ear, then an energy coming into the right side of my face and body.  That is how she still manifests to me, as a stream of energy flooding my right brain and body and it is in that state downloads of information occur.

In Greek mythology Ma'at was known by the name Rhea, one of the amazing synchronicities of Life and something I only became aware of recently!  

Rhea was the daughter of Uranus (God of the Sky) and Gaia (Goddess of the Earth).  Rhea was the mother of the Gods, mother of Zeus and she was responsible for fertility, motherhood and women. Rhea means flow and ease in Greek.

In Egyptian mythology, Goddess Ma'at was the daughter of the Sun God Ra, consort or wife to Thoth (Hermes in Greece) and mother of the Gods and is now considered an Ascended Master. At the moment Ra spoke the world into creation Ma'at was born. Egyptian scholars cannot agree on the age of the Egyptian Empire, some believe it to date back to more than 11,000 BC. Like Thoth, Ma'at was present in earlier civilizations such as Sumeria which could predate Egypt by more than 500,000 years.

Ma'at was seen as an Angel to be called on by the ancient Egyptians 

who described dying as 'joining Ma'at'. She created the 42 Laws of Ma'at which were a model for human behavior in Ancient Egypt and were similar to but appear to predate the 10 Commandments.  She was the personification of righteousness, truth and justice and represented that which was moral, balanced, steadfast, genuine, honest, upright and unalterable Divine Wisdom.  


At their death Egyptians were taken to the Hall of Truth for the ceremony of the Weighing of the Heart of the Soul by Osiris against Ma'at's feather,  on the scales of justice. If they lived in accordance with the Laws of Ma'at, they would go through a process of Awakening and Ascend to higher realms of Spirit to live in paradise.  If they had not lived in accordance with the Laws of Ma'at they would reincarnate and their Soul was given another opportunity for further development on Earth.  

I have many lifetimes with Ma'at in Egypt, as a Priestess in the Temples and other lifetimes together include 13 Century France when we were both nuns.   

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