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Goddess Card One - Golden Path

Continue your current course of action, even if you are experiencing unforeseen difficulties and obstacles.  This card has show p in your reading today to encourage you to keep going.  Have faith in your decision.  Your Higher Guidance wants you to know that you are in the right place at the right time doing what is for your highest good.  You are clearly being Guided by your team in Spirit in perfect ways.  Persevere and your conviction will lead to your Golden Path.  Now is not the time to give in to doubts and give up!  A brighter future is in the making even though you cannot currently see it.  On all paths there are obstacles and challenges that make it seem like you have chosen wrongly but your lessons will come from overcoming such obstacles and you will feel the reward in  a positive outcome.

Goddess Card Two - Transience

It is possible to transcend this difficult situation by shifting your awareness and focus.  Remember you are creating your reality with your thoughts, emotions and energetic projection.  You are also creating not just with your conscious mind but also with your unconscious mind.  Time to find out what is in your unconscious mind that is creating unwanted outcomes.  Some inner work needs to be done to find the source of what is getting in your way.  It will help you to see things from a higher perspective and your problems will fade.  Sit in meditation and focus on what beliefs you are holding that are limiting you or counterproductive to what you are trying to achieve.  If you have trouble doing this on your own, time to seek help.  The situation you are currently struggling with can be transient and shift quickly with the right approach.

Goddess Card Three - Embrace

It may feel like you are in the eye of the storm and being thrust into unfamiliar territory by forces beyond your control but this is all an illusion.  You are eternal and immortal, can never be harmed, can't get it wrong and have all the time in the World to work things out.  You are attracting circumstances and events for your highest good and are now held in the Embrace of your Soul with resources, power, wisdom and talents to deal with every situation that arises.  You have no idea how wonderful your potential is and just how much you are capable of achieving when you get your thoughts, emotions and energy lined up in the perfect way. The end result with be a stronger, confident more powerful you.  Feel the Embrace of your Soul, be grateful and allow that feeling to shift you to a new level.  You are more than you think.

Goddess Card Four - Inner Child

You have picked this card because your Inner Child is yearning for your attention and crying out to be loved.  It is all too easy to put your focus on those around you and forget that there is a part of you, that you have been carrying since childhood that needs time, healing and Love.  There is something from your past that is coming up for healing.  Acknowledge your inner child's story and truth.  Address the issue and suffering of your Inner Child with Love and Healing and Accept what you have been through and how those events have shaped you into being the Amazing Goddess you are today.  Our past is like the layers of an onion, you may think you have addressed everything from your past but there are deeper layers coming up to be integrated so that you can fulfill your true potential.   Play like a child, laugh, feel joy, be silly, reconnect with your childish curiosity.  All of these actions will be healing and help release you from the ties of your past.