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Goddess Card One - Time to be the Responsible One

For some of you I could also say..'again' because you usually are the most responsible one in your circle.  For others you may have been avoiding stepping up for a while.   This card is a compassionate message that in the coming week you will need to take the lead in a serious matter and step up.  Responsibility is really having the 'ability to respond'.  The reality is some people just can't.  There are many reasons for this.....personality, brain dysfunction, addictions, low confidence of self-esteem, childhood trauma, distorted perception, limiting beliefs, fear, crappy life experiences or role models etc.  At the end of the day it doesn't matter, the point is some people can't or won' that will leave you.  Your message today is that it is a blessing from your Soul peprspective to have the opportunity to be strong, take charge, make that decision or take that action.  You are rewarded by positive feelings of confidence, competance and service to others.  It's what you have chosen fromy your Soul perspective so don't do it with resentment, do it knowing it's your choice and you will feel very differently about it.

Goddess Card Two - Clarity is on It's Way

That situation you have been obsessed with, agonizing over or baffled by will bring deeper wisdom and understanding your way this week.  When we admit we don't know something we open the door for wisdom and knowledge to flow into our lives.  Actually allowing a space for contemplation and pondering is a way to turbo charge your growth cycle and transform your awareness much more quickly than rigidly adhering to opinions and practiced perspective.  All will be revealed this week, possibly through a chance meeting with someone who will fill in the pieces of the puzzle.  Also stay alert for messages in your dreams or words from a song or book that hit the mark.

Goddess Card Three - Time for Tenderness

Life sometimes gets so busy and hard that we forget to take the time to show tenderness to ourselves and others.  Your Guides are calling on you to make 'Tenderness' your affirmation for this week.  Others words that lead you to understanding this message are; gentleness, compassion, empathy, listening, affectionate touch, self-care, love.   You wlll know intuitively whether this message is directed towards the self or someone else in your life.  Those of you in relationship don't forget to give your partner that 30 second, lingering kiss as a goodbye and a hello.  Parents will want to slow in their hectic rush to bestow tenderness on their children, maybe it's your parent, neighbour or workmate who requires that little bit extra this week.  You'll know.

Goddess Card Four - Perserverance is the Key

There is a goal your have been trying to achieve without success.  Perserverance is your answer.  Sometimes staying the distance and having patience as things change all too slowly for your liking is the only way to transform yourself and your life.  The Goddess is sending you this personal message today, this is the missing piece of the puzzle.  Stick it out, give it time and you will be rewarded with the success you seek.