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Oracle Card One - Law of Attraction

Many of you are now familiar with this term 'You Create Your Own Reality' but not many are actually Consciously Creating their Life.  You are now being asked to focus your awareness on the energy you are projecting into the situation or challenge that currently faces you.  Whether it's simple or huge it can be transformed to reflect your desire by modulating the energy that you are projecting into it.  Your thoughts create your emotions, create the energy that you transmit and that attracts to you all people, circumstances and events.  Be careful with your energy in the coming week.  It has serious implications for the outcome.  Time to practice controlling your Mind and Energy, uplifting your vibration and be rewarded by your hearts desire.

Oracle Card Two - Giving and Receiving

The Universe is constantly in a state of balance and harmony that means everything has an opposite.  If you only give and don't allow yourself to receive you are out of step with Source Energy and will feel it.  If you only take and don't give back karma will come back to bite you.  Just as you have to inhale then exhale you have to give and receive.  This may relate to money, time, service, listening, talking, compliments, affirmations or compromising in relationships.    For some of you it will  mean sitting with the discomfort of Receiving and letting others do for you for a change.  If you are more comfortable Receiving time to Wake Up and pay the piper by giving back or it will all dry up very soon and you will find yourself stuck.

Oracle Card Three - Go For It!

Now is not the time to stand in the wings chewing your fingernails.  Now it is time for Action!  You will have to listen to your Inner Self and the Intuition it brings.  You will be inspired to Act at the right time in the right way.  Don't focus on the outcome, release all expectations of a result and let the Universe do its work to move Heaven and Earth.  There is a larger picture at work here.   Do not despair if what you wanted seems to slip through your fingers initially.  Your Guides are telling you that the eventual outcome will be more than you imagined possible.  Act Now!

Oracle Card Four - Listen

This card is a beautiful reminder that you have your own Guidance and are connected to All-That-Is.  Listen to your heart and your own intuition.  It's often called the "Still Quiet Voice Within'" because it is subtle and you can't hear it if you are too busy doing.  Time for silence and contemplation to receive your own inner guidance.  Take time to formulate the right question, perfectly worded to attract to yourself the right answer.  The question is often more important than the answer.  There are some of you who have picked this card who have not been truly listening to someone close to you and your relationship is suffering as a result.  Sit and listen, don't speak, face them, keep your eyes on theirs and feel rather than hear what they are trying to say to you.  The solution to your difficulty lies in being able to truly Listen.