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January 2nd, 2018



“Quiet Your Mind and Listen to Your Inner Guidance”

Sounds like excellent advice and we’ve all heard it before but easier said than done! Are you in control of your Mind, Consciousness,  Awareness?  If you aren’t then your life may seem overwhelming, out of control and random but that is far from the real truth.  Our society was carefully constructed by the Deep State and their Alien overlords to distract us from the truth.  Distractions come in the form of social media, entertainment, computer games, pornography, sport, addictions, fear, money problems, shoulds, relationships, illness, violence, wars, terrorism, politics, mass media…yes we are in the matrix and being kept busy!  The truth is you are an unlimited Divine Being of immense power and beauty with the spark of the Creator as your Light.  Try not to buy into the fear agenda, instead start making time to sit quietly with yourself, even if only for a few moments, to feel your own splendour and magnificence and listen to that ‘Still Quiet Voice’ within that is your internal guidance system (intuition).  Only a few minutes a day will begin to make a difference as you atune your vibration to Divine Love, that which you really are!




“The situation can be healed gently and with Love”

If you have come from a family where boundaries were not honored or modeled you may not know how to be assertive, stand in your own power or ask for what you  want.  Many dysfunctional, toxic families have at their core non-existent boundaries.  Boundaries protect you and those you Love and enable everyone concerned to live their truth.  It’s about loving and respecting yourself and others.  If you don’t know about boundaries now is the time to learn!  There is a situation now or coming up in the next week that will need the right words, said at the right time and in the right way.   When you enforce a boundary it can be done with loving kindness but it is then not your job to worry about how the other person responds.  That’s not your business.  Let everyone manage their own emotions and you focus on managing yours.  It’s not easy if you haven’t done it in the past but now is the time to take the next step in your journey of Self-Love.




“An emotional experience with a family member will bring healing for all”

There are some important affirmations for you to repeat in the coming week to influence your own Unconscious Mind so that this issue can be resolved for the highest good of all concerned. They are;

Everyone does the best they can, given what they know and what they’ve experienced

I can’t control anyone else, I can only control myself

My Life is about Me, not what anyone else is doing, believing or saying

I can stay calm and silent and not react to what others are projecting

Defending and justifying are the energies of conflict and escalate things

I do not have to be right and I don’t have to make others understand me

I am Peace

If you can stay in this vibration when you are in contact with family over the coming week your Guides will be helping you heal the drama with Love and Light.  Be open to the gifts within the situation.



Creative Project

“Your Soul Longs to Express itself in Creative Ways”

You are being Guided to infuse artistry and creativity into your Life.  Don’t freak out. Being creative doesn’t just mean painting, drawing, sculpting!  It could mean dancing, playing music,  singing,  writing, poetry, talking, creating a beautiful space in your home, thinking outside the box for solutions, presenting yourself creatively with your clothes or appearance and loads more!  Its about using your Gifts.   Your creativity is the way your Soul expresses its unlimited potential in this reality.  It is the song of the Soul.  Flow with your inspiration this week.  Renew old hobbies, let yourself go into the flow and see what happens!


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