Hypnotherapy Newcastle

Reea is an expert in her field with 12 years working with private clients helping them to transform their lives.

Everyone can be Hynotized, it is not something done to you, it is something you do with the assistance of your Hypnotherapist. Sometimes it requires practice before you get it right but everyone can be successful, at going into trance.

Our minds have been programmed by our life experiences, our parents, culture, friends, the media, teachers. Hypnotherapy is a way of  reprogramming your Mind, creates change to habits, emotions and behaviours and can work when talk therapy has failed.

Your Hypnosis sessions will be individualised programs created just for you

Reea specialises in Hypnotherapy for:

Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Childhood Trauma, Letting go of Relationships, Grief, Stress, Chronic Pain, Cancer, Sexual Abuse, Anger, Quit Smoking, Weight Loss, Public Speaking, Study Habits and more..


First Session 2+ hours – $250

Follow up Sessions 1+ hours – $150

3 Session Hypnotherapy Package – $450

(3 Session Hypnosis Package is perfect for Quit Smoking and Weight Loss)

Regression Therapy 2+ hours – $250

(Regression Therapy takes you back to an event to heal and release negative emotions)

3 Sessions Regression Therapy Package $600

(Regression Therapy package is perfect for Childhood Trauma, Abuse, Anxiety & PTSD)

More About Hypnotherapy….

You are the way you are, with the reactions, emotions and habits that you are experiencing because of all that has gone before and the Hypnotherapy that has unconsciously happened over the course of your life.  Life hypnotizes us…sometimes in good ways and sometimes in not so good ways.  In every moment of your life experience you have been consciously or unconsciously programing your Unconscious Mind (also referred to as subconscious mind).  Until you were 6 years of age you were in the deepest state of trance – theta brainwave state – 24 hours a day.  Most of our patterns of behaviour, beliefs and responses are programed during that time.  From 6 to 12 you were still in a state of trance – alpha brainwave state – which is known as the peak learning state.   What happens to us and what we learn in childhood largely determines who we will become.  Your personality played a part in your conditioning as well.  If you are unhappy with some of your emotions, beliefs, patterns or habits you have a choice.  You can re-write the program in your Unconscious Mind and transform yourself.

Are You Ready to Boost Your Potential and Reprogram your Mind?

Hypnosis isn’t something that is done ‘to’ you, it is something you do ‘with’ your hypnotherapist.   If you make the choice to use hypnotherapy as a tool for healing that is all you need to ensure a good outcome. You are always in control.   There is nothing scary about it, no-one can make you do anything in trance you wouldn’t ordinarily do and you can bring yourself out of it at any time…you know where you are at all times and will not lose consciousness.  Hypnotherapy is an intentionally induced altered state of consciousness that could be called a prime learning state. In the hypnotic state your conscious mind is distracted or detached so it does not interfere with the work that is done by your Unconscious or Subconscious Mind.Your Unconscious or Inner Mind is 90% of the power of your consciousness and that rational, analytical, EGO, conscious mind that thinks it is in control and knows everything is only 10% of your mind.

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This state of consciousness is one you are familiar with and have been in and out of since you were born.  Children are in a deep state of hypnotic trance, theta brainwave state, pretty much all the time until they are about 6 years old and then they are mostly in a lighter version of trance state, alpha brainwave state, until they are around 12 years of age.  That’s why small children are like little sponges and learn so much in those early years.  They are not resisting the learning, everything is going in and programming their unconscious mind.  Of course that has it’s advantages and disadvantages because unfortunately not everything that children experience is positive and life enhancing.

How Long Are the Sessions?

Hypnotherapy sessions range from 90 minutes to 3 hours depending on whether you are having Regression Therapy of Suggestion Therapy and what your issue is.

Regression therapy is when we go back to past memories to heal poor decisions, trauma or faulty conditioning.

Suggestion therapy is the most commonly known form of hypnosis and is when the client is a passive recipient, in trance, while the hypnotherapist speaks to their unconscious mind. Suggestion therapy has the lowest success rate of all the approaches a hypnotherapist could take….and there are hundreds of them! Hypnosis should be done when you are rested and alert because it is a heightened state of awareness, not a state of sleep. So don’t book your session at the end of a long day of work or when you are unwell or tired if you can avoid it.


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Disclaimer:  Results may vary from person to person