Everyone Can Be Hypnotized

Many people tell me that hypnotherapy doesn't work on them because they can't be hypnotized.  Sometimes they've had a bad experience with an untrained hypnotherapist because in Australia hypnotherapy is not regulated and there are lots of charletans out there that have done a weekend course and then hang out their shingle.  People who are hypervigilent or used to controlling their life can't imagine handing over their destiny to anyone and are resistant.  The truth is no-one can be hypnotized against their will despite what you've seen of entertainment hypnosis.  It's not something I am going to do TO YOU, it's something we will do together.  I am only the facilitator and you are the one in control.  

In deep trance you are still aware of where you are, you can bring yourself out of it at any time you choose and no-one can make you do anything that is against your principals and integrity.  You set the agenda and decide where we are going to go, I just help you navigate and use my special bag of tools to assist you to get the results you want.

Hypnosis is a normal state, there is nothing woo woo about it.  You are in trance many times throughout the day...driving the car to work, sitting in from of the TV, reading a book and drifting off.  It's a normal mechanism of your consciousness.  All we are doing is harnessing your capacity for trance and driving it in a particular direction to achieve a specific outcome.

Not everyone responds the same to hypnotherapy.  Some people are highly suggestible, you only have to mention something once and they pick it up and run with it.  Others need repeated sessions to get the result they want because they may be anxious, controlling or have resistance in the ego to achieving the desired outcome.

Hypnotherapy is a fantastic tool and there is lots of scientific evidence that asssists in the following areas;  

  • dealing with trauma 
  • healing emotional triggers,
  • getting rid of phobias; public speaking, creepy crawlies, flying, driving
  • releasing long held negative emotions
  • getting over relationships
  • getting rid of unhealthy and limiting beliefs and programming
  • connecting with your Higher Self and Guides
  • empowering self-confidence
  • Access past & future lifetimes

At your first session of hypnotherapy I will spend time taking a personal history, assessing your situation and planning your therapy and discussing how many sessions you will need.  

Your first session will take 2 hours and the fee is $300

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Past & Future Life Regression

Journey Through Time

Accessing your other lifetimes is much easier than most people think.  All of you the other focuses of your Oversoul are occurring in the eternal moment of NOW and connecting with them to gain insight into your true eternal nature is your birthright. 

Some of the Benefits of PLR

  • Understand your journey in this lifetime at a much deeper level
  • Heal physical, mental & emotional issues you are dealing with in this life
  • Overcome your fear of death by following the Journey to the Afterlife you have made many times.
  • Access creative and spiritual gifts from other lifetimes
  • Connect to your Spirit Guides
  • Learn the purpose of your life here on Earth and it's potentials
  • Gain greater understanding of your karmic relationships with loved ones and their nuances
  • Connect with deceased loved ones who have crossed over
  • Access your own Akashic Records
  • Gain insight into the multidimensional nature of your Being
  • Have questions answered about the nature of reality, spirituality and how life on Earth really works

I have been doing PLR and QHHT for 14 years and have never had anyone I couldn't get there!  I trained with some of the world's greatest teachers in this field;  Michael Newton, Brian Weiss and Dolores Cannon.

I am trained in Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy which facilitates your connection to your Higher Self for healing and knowledge.

Abduction Hypnosis

There are many people on the planet who have had strange experiences their rationsl minds cannot make sense of.  There could be a loss of time, weird dreams of Beings visiting you, strange marks on your body or just a growing feeling that you have been visited by Beings from other dimensions or other planets, extra-terrestrials.

Under hypnosis you may be able to put back the pieces of these vague  feelings or experiences and remember what really happened to you.   This is a specialised field of hypnosis because many hypnotherapist don't believe in aliens!

I am very interested in our other dimensional visitors and have the skills to help you uncover the truth when you are ready.

Your PLR Session

PLR requires a deep trance, you will need to be in theta brainwave state and this takes time to achieve.  It is helpful if you have practiced going into trance before the session my meditating deeply.  You can speak to me if you would like a practice MP3.

I will take a history of your life, your health and your relationships and discuss what you want to get out of your session.  

You should bring to your session a list of questions you would like to find answers to and a list of your closes loved ones names and their relationship to you.

PLR and QHHT take up to 4 hours, the Fee is $500 and must be paid at the time of booking your appointment.  If you need to change your appointment you can do so withn 48 hours of your appointment or a fee of $100 will be charged.

Recommended Books to Read

Michael Newton's - Journey of Souls or Destiny of Souls

Brian Weiss - Many Lives Many Masters or Only Love is Real

Dolores Cannon -  She has about 25 books they are all great

Dr Bruce Goldberg - Past Lives Future Lives Revealed 

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