If you haven't come across hypnotherapy before it's likely you have picked up some weird ideas about what it is.  Let's start by setting aside anything you think you know about hypnosis and consider its benefits.

In my years of working with people's minds and emotions I have come across no other way to relieve deeply imbedded childhood trauma, limiting beliefs and false notions about who we are. Talk therapy has its place, but there comes a point when talking can take you no further.  Your unconscious mind is a wonderful aspect of your psyche but it can also stop your from reaching your full potential and being the best version of yourself if its been badly programmed.

Our minds have been programmed by our life experiences, our parents, culture, friends, the media, teachers. Hypnotherapy is a way of taking back control of your mind, emotions and life  and reprogramming to create change to habits, emotions and behaviours and can work when talk therapy has failed.

Your Hypnosis sessions are individualised programs created just for you.  No two sessions are alike.  Suggestion hypnosis where you are the passive recipient of new information is only one way of using hypnosis.  The most profound change happens when you return to past events and experiences to reframe them, let go of negative beliefs, traumatic emotions and set yourself free.

Reea specialises in Hypnotherapy for:

Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Childhood Trauma, Letting go of Relationships, Grief, Stress, Chronic Pain, Cancer, Sexual Abuse, Anger,  Public Speaking, Study Habits and more...

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Everyone can be Hynotized, it is not something done to you, it is something you do with the assistance of your Hypnotherapist. Sometimes it requires practice before you get it right but everyone can be successful, at going into trance.