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Card One - Financial Security

This card represents your worthiness at this time for an abundant influx of prosperity into your life.   It signals stability and security regarding to property, wealth and income.  It represents greater buying power, an end to financial hardships or that new job you've been waiting for resulting in more money in the bank!

Card Two - Personal Diplomacy Needed

In the coming week you will need to be careful to communicate with someone in a very diplomatic way.  This could either relate to your relationships or you may be acting as a third party relaying information for someone else.  Be careful with your words and the way you express them.  Diplomatic alertness will result in a positive outcome.  This card can also mean that a child around you will cause problems through their carelessness.

Card Three - A Feeling of Imbalance and Negativity

You may have been through a recent episode of conflict or resolved a problem but during the process, frenemies, opponents or jealous people around you may have attempted to exploit the situation for their own ends.  Be ware of the narcissists around you, insinuating themselves into the situation, pretending to be acting in your interests but really acting in their own.   Be ware of others taking advantage of your weakness at this time as you process your feelings of imbalance or negativity.

Card Four - Inner Conflict or Uncertainty

This is a card indicating extreme emotions of love, hate, joy or worry.  It represents your confusion and doubts.  Give yourself time, take deep breaths and get out of your head into your body.  Physical activity and distraction will be your greatest friends.  It can also alert you to the beginning of  a strained relationship with someone you care about.