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There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about Reea. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.  Reea is devoted to supporting Women's Well-Being and if you've landed on her page there's something here for you to take away that is for your highest good, no matter how small or seemingly simple.   Nameste!

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Goddess Card One - Balance

Sounds easy but actually a lot more difficult than that.  Everything in the Universe is constantly seeking Balance and for you it's important to focus on your subjective and objective experiences of life this week.  Are your emotions balanced?  How about your eating and exercise?  Are you relationships in balance?  Your boundaries?  Your work/life?  Are you balancing time for self and self-care and time for others?  See,  harder than it sounds!  You will know when your life is out of Balance because you will feel tired, overwhelmed, stressed, resentful and unhappy.  Make small changes this week to bring your life back into harmony and reap the rewards.

Goddess Card Two - Let Go of Fear

In a culture where every second person seems to struggle with anxiety we know that fear is an issues.  Firstly, stop telling yourself your 'anxious' even using this word disassociates your from your truth and power.  Use the real words 'fear', 'frightened' and then you will be at least honest with yourself.  The only way to conquer a fear of something is to take action towards your fear in baby steps, managing your emotional state as you go until the feeling subsides and then you take the next step.  If you let fear stop you from doing anything you have LOST the battle!  Everything you fear you ATTRACT to yourself.  Are you creating the life you want or the life you don't want?  Feel the fear and do it anyway, there is no other way to proceed if you are going to be happy and achieve your potential.  If you need help managing your emotions reach out and get it.

Goddess Card Three - Inner Child Needs Your Attention

It never ceases to amaze me that as women we intuitively know what our loved ones need but we often have no bloody idea what we need!  Spirit does not exist in time or space so you carry the spirit of your inner child with you wherever you go but are you listening to, comforting or adoring that part of you?  Probably not if you're like most of your sisters on the planet.  This week focus on letting your inner child out to play.  For those of you who were victims of childhood trauma listen carefully to your negative emotional reactions and ask "How old is that part of me that is wounded and suffering?".  No-one can rescue you, make it all better or love that part of you, it's your job alone.  The rewards for doing your Inner child work are infinite and more profound than you know.

Card Four - Emergence

A wonderful sign that there will be great things manifesting this week for you.  Seeds planted in the past will show themselves, plans and rewards you have been long awaiting will come to fruition.  In harmony with the new moon and Fridays equinox the time is ripe for all good things to pop into your life; love, abundance and career are on the agenda if you have been setting intentions for changes in these areas.  Stay focused and expectant, send out waves of gratitude and visualise what you want!