Can I Get a Rebate from Medicare?

Medicare in Australia only gives rebates for those clients on a Mental Health Plan who have been diagnosed with a mental illness and are referred to a psychologist by their doctor. I am not a psychologist. Medicare does not cover counselling, life-coaching, hypnotherapy or any other therapy for that matter.        

Can I get a Rebate from my Health Fund?

If you are having hypnotherapy, some health funds in Australia will give you a rebate. To my knowledge however, the most they pay for one session is $30. All you need to do is bring evidence of the rebate your health fund pays and I will refund the same amount.    

Can I claim your services back on my tax?

If you are in business I believe that you can claim Business Coaching on your tax. To my knowledge you cannot claim counselling, life coaching or hypnotherapy. If you would like to claim Business Coaching for taxation purposes please ask me for a receipt at the time of your appointment.    

Will I be able to be hypnotized?

If you want to be hypnotized you will be. The only reason someone might not go into trance is if they believe that they can’t. Hypnotic trance is a very natural state, one you are in and out of throughout your day when you are driving the car, sitting in front of the TV or reading a book you effortlessly go into trance. Everyone goes into alpha brainwave state, the first stage of trance, if they close their eyes and relax their body for more than 3 minutes. If you are someone that gets anxious or has trouble sleeping it may take longer but everyone can do trance with some practice. If you think you might be someone who has trouble going into trance be sure to tell Reea at the time you book your appointment and she will send you a relaxation Mp3 to practice with at home.    

Can you guarantee hypnosis will work for me?

No-one can every guarantee anything when it comes to healing the body and mind. Doctors can’t guarantee that your medication, surgery or treatment will work and hence people continue to suffer from chronic illnesses and we all die eventually. Human beings are unique, our capacity for healing is unique and we all respond to different internal and external stimuli. If you find yourself attracted to a specific form of treatment or healing then my belief is that there is a reason for that. Something inside you is telling you it is part of your journey and you should investigate it more. Often there are stages to healing. It is best to take responsibility for your own healing and follow the path of your intuition until your achieve the outcome you desire. Hypnosis has been proven to be very effective in creating changes in behaviour, thoughts and feelings. The placebo affect accounts for 33% of the efficacy of pharmaceutical medications. That means that 33% of people who believe they are taking meds get the result they want even when given sugar pills. The Mind is an amazing instrument and what you believe will be true for you. If you believe hypnosis will work for you, you are atleast 33% assured of a positive outcome.

How many Hypnotherapy Sessions will I need?

No-one can answer this question specifically and if they try to run.  Your doctor can’t tell you how long it will take for a physical condition to heal, he can only give you an approximation based on his experience.  It’s the same with hypnosis.  Some people take to hypnotherapy very easily, go quickly into trance and are quite motivated to change so they may get a quick outcome.  Other people take time to practice going into trance, take time getting comfortable with their hypnotherapist, suffer from generalised anxiety and are dealing with confusion and blockages that prevent them from changing.   It is very rare for anyone to get a positive result with hypnosis in one session.  You need to commit yourself to at least 3 sessions before you review the progress you have made.