Facebook Special $50 Channelled Guidance with Goddess Maat

Guidance, Wisdom & Support for Everyday Life Situations

Reea is a Psychic Empath and Channeller.  Her special gift is to mirror your own unique Power and  Grace back to you.  Reea's guide, Ma'at the Egyptian Goddess of Truth Justice and Harmony offers Guidance to help you Awaken, Master your life and relationships, release limitations, heal, overcome challenges and live your life in a state of Grace.  She will illuminate the path forward that is for your highest good as she reads the potentials of the future you are creating given the current choices you are making and the energy you are radiating. 

A session with Reea is conversation with Higher Guidance that creates change as the Frequency Transmission from Goddess Ma'at energizes the change process. Your questions area vitally important part of the process as Goddess Ma'at responds to the energy of your questions. Unlike many psychic readings which are only about giving you information, a session with Reea is a journey which reveals your Soul's wisdom.

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Sessions are 30 minutes and offered via Skype.

Pay for your session using the Special Offer Code 'Maat'