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Career Coaching

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Whatever the stage of your career, in today’s fast-paced world, it’s important to have a clear path forward. That’s what a Career Coach helps you do; to provide clarity of purpose and clearly defined goals so that you can achieve the career you want. Whether you are working towards that next promotion; want to enhance your leadership skills; want to change careers but aren’t sure how; have lost your direction; or simply feel that you are working harder than ever but aren’t getting the results you want; career coaching can help you to draw out your strengths, overcome barriers, and realise your potential so that you function more effectively both personally and professionally. To get to where you want to get, a career coach can be your best weapon.
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How I can help You

  • Career Planning
  • Identifying Leveraging Strengths
  • Goal Setting
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Career Transitioning
  • Building Confidence & Assertiveness
  • Positive Communication Skills
  • Mentoring
  • Mentoring Uncertainty & Change

Career Coaching For School Leavers

Career Coach Australia

I have more than 20 years experience as a Careers Counsellor and teacher, managing vocational programs, work placements, apprenticeships & traineeships and helping high school students to transition from school to higher education and employment. I specialise in assisting young people to find their place in the world of work and study, to define their skills and identify leveraging strengths. I advise parents on how to manage and support their child through the all important period that follows high school education and transition into adulthood and independance. If you are a parent and are looking for Coaching for your child please call me on 0402034028 and let’s discuss your situation and your needs”

About Reea – Career Coach

As a Career Coach, I not only talk the talk, but I have walked the walk. I understand the pressures, expectations and challenges you face, having spent my career working in a variety of industries: health, beauty, education, employment and training, hospitality and business. I have first hand experience at being a single mum and juggling home+work+study.   I also changed careers in mid-life and know what it’s like to face the challenge of studying again after a 15 year hiatus.   I have worked in a Disability Management program supporting baby boomers to transition to new careers late in life. Today as a qualified Career Coach, I combine my coaching skills and business experience to help to define, plan and deliver on personal and professional goals.

I have 20+ years experience with adolescents working in the education system as a Careers Counsellor.  If you are a parent and are looking for Coaching for your child. Let’s discuss your situation and your needs.

Please call me on 0402034028

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